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EduRiser's offerings include a healthy mix of customized as well as off-the-shelf courseware. Regardless of our mode of delivery, our ability to deliver simultaneous roll-out on a pan-India level in vernacular languages and robust Content Development Services are our prime strengths. This allows us to stand out and tall above other Training organizations. EduRiser's Content Development Services are crucial in identifying the area of concern and developing high quality content custom-designed to address any client's needs effectively.

EduRiser's offerings are grounded in its Learning Framework. It employs strategies that guarantee effective skill and competency transformation:

  • Learning Strategy

    • EduRiser gives utmost importance to the application of best practices in developing content. Our Learning Strategy is entirely based on developing key competencies. We believe in mapping the our strategy to the learner and delivering powerful learning solutions, which in turn bring about ROI for the organization in form of Human Capital.

  • Content Strategy
    • Based on the core essence of the time-tested and systematic ADDIE model, the content strategy at EduRiser is developed. The activities and outcomes of the five phases of ADDIE model i.e., analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation are clearly defined and applied.

  • Deployment Strategy
    • At EduRiser, we believe is transferring education in the best possible ways. The end users can avail the learning solutions in three ways:
      - Classroom training (ILT)
      - e-Learning
      - Blended Learning

  • Manageability Strategy
    • Are you finding it difficult to manage various aspects of your business? It's time for you to get an able learning solutions partner in form of Eduriser. EduRiser takes active responsibility of putting into effect the entire learning solution. We have the capacity and capability of planning and managing all the resources and logistics. Right from LMS management, facilities management, trainer deployment pan India to tracking and evaluation, EduRiser will plan and manage it all for you! This gives you the freedom of focusing on your business goals and achieving work delight.